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Эссе по английскому книги и компьютеры

Time is changing; the world the world around us is changing.

The future of education – books or computers?

People invent new sources of information, which are modern, compact and convenient. We used to go to libraries; nowadays all of us have laptops and PCs.

  • To my mind, computer is soulless; it does not provide any kind of feelings, while book has a tempting smell and pretty shape;
  • The computer is a wonderful tool with which we can solve complex problems associated with storing and processing information, working with images, texts, etc.

But what about education, can computer substitute book эссе по английскому книги и компьютеры not? To my mind, computer is soulless; it does not provide any kind of feelings, while book has a tempting smell and pretty shape. Firstly, there are some rare exemplars of books that can only be found in university libraries.

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They are hundred years old and none of the copies available on the Internet. Secondly, book is much more comfortable for eyes. Eyes get tired less and student can read more pages in a row.

  • Некоторые люди не могут жить без этого изобретения, но другие считают, что компьютеры имеют плохое влияние;
  • There is no need to create a huge library which occupies much space;
  • But today we see the opposite;
  • Да и удовольствие от чтения художественной литературы таким способом небольшое;
  • Эти ролики можно смотреть не только в кинотеатрах и по телевизору, но и на вашем персональную компьютере.

However, the biggest part of students prefers computers. They say that it is portable.

Computers in our life

Students can have gigabytes of literature in their backpacks and it will weight only three kilos. It seems more rational to them to use laptops.

  • From my point of view, the ability of the computer to store a lot of information is the most important advantage;
  • How many people, so many opinions;
  • Это эссе было написано одним из наших учеников.

That is why all up-to-date universities have virtual libraries. I disagree with this point of view because books have already brought up billions of people and computers have not.

Сочинение 0509. (B). Книга и компьютер в 21 веке

Enormous number of extra computer facilities disturbs students from the studying process. To sum up, try not to ignore books and they will tell you the truth. Computer is a new technology and no one can be sure that it is harmless. In one thing I am sure: Оцените мое эссе, пожалуйста.