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Семья это самое важное в нашей жизни эссе

This role can not be overemphasized.

Cочинение «Семья - это самое главное!»

The family gives one a reason to live, love and create. Close people always support us in difficult times.

Сочинение на тему – “Семья – это главное в моей жизни”

Family means the most nearest and dearest to us people who are always with us from the moment of our birth and throughout our lives. Parents teach their children everything they know themselves.

  • Как бы там ни было, каждый из нас в душе мечтает иметь свое гнездышко, чтобы возвращаться с работы домой, где тебя на пороге встречает любимая жены и дети, а рядом с ними мурлычет кот;
  • Вот с чужими мы всегда вежливы, а дома можно накричать на кого-кого, потому что это же твое!
  • Конечно, бывают и конфликты, и споры.

They teach us to walk, talk, make friends, appreciate the world. Everything important we learn for the first time from our parents. We know that we will always obtain the necessary support and assistance. In our family we are understood and appreciated whatever we do.

  • Кроме того, когда вы болеете, кто, если не близкие и родные люди будут заботиться о вас;
  • Конечно, бывают и конфликты, и споры;
  • Everyone has a lot of memories that are associated with his family;
  • Это бабушкины сказки и вкусные пироги, это мамина забота, папина помощь и внимание;
  • Our family gives us the confidence in our forces.

We get over many difficulties and trials of life, feeling the support and the care of our relatives. Our family gives us the confidence in our forces.

Семейные отношения и воспитание детей

The friendly and happy family gives us a lot of unforgettable days and wonderful impressions. Everyone has a lot of memories that are associated with his family. Many families also have certain traditions that can be passed down from generation to generation. I love it when all members of my family get together in the evening. We семья это самое важное в нашей жизни эссе down, tell each other what it happened during the day, share our impressions.

Our parents give us useful tips. My parents have a lot of vital experience and they are always happy to share it with us. Having talked with my family, I feel myself full with new energy for the next day.

Unfortunately, there are some people who have no families. Having a happy family a man will surely succeed in other areas.


But we should not forget that in order to keep the family happy, we need to show our love and respect for the nearest and dearest, understand and appreciate them whatever happens.